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We speak to radically diverse industries, so we can leverage unique insights from the real experiences of all our clients. We then combine that knowledge with content specific to your business.
From interviews with your employees and leaders to deep analysis of your market and industry, we work hard prior to your event to ensure the content we present is relevant and actionable to your audience.

Fully customized programs that spark unique dialogue and actionable takeaways for every event from major conferences to strategy workshops.

The Secret stuff

In this powerful keynote, your audience goes on a journey into the mindsets and disciplines of ultra-high performers. The Secret Stuff teaches you how to tap into that magical power of being IN-THE-ZONE. This message is both actionable and inspirational and is packed with stories that keep your audience engaged and on the edge of their seats.  

The trust factor

In this insightful, entertaining, and impactful keynote, your audience will learn the real secret to mastering influence and persuasion. They’ll learn the hidden communication secrets that allow us to influence and connect with others on the deepest level. Our tone of voice, our body language, the words we choose, all have an impact on the message we package and deliver. The better you get at communicating, the greater the impact you will make. 

The hero

in you

In this powerful keynote, your audience learns the secret to being a high performance leader. Each and every one of us have a HERO inside of us. Knowing what motivates and compels us to do and be more is critical to lasting success. Understanding our limiting beliefs and weaknesses gives us the opportunity to grow stronger. This non-stop, motivational, and no-holds-barred keynote address is one that will set the audience on fire. 

five starservice

In this engaging keynote, your audience is challenged to rethink the customer journey. Through stories, humor, and lessons learned from the hospitality and restaurant industry, it is evident that the real secret to sustainable long-term growth and profitability is delivering a FIVE STAR experience. 

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